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    De Muller

    De Muller produces a large and variety range of fine quality wines in its two wineries: Mas de Valls in Tarragona Origin Denomination and
    Mas les Pusses in Priorat Qualify Origin Denomination.

    De Muller was funded in 1851 and started producing our well-known Altar Wine, which gave reputation and rename in our brand around the world. Nowadays, De Muller owns 2 wineries and 200 vineyards hectares and produces: Still wine, Sparkling, Liquor, Altar Wine and Vermouth. At this time, it exports 60% of its production to International markets and the 40% remaining is being sold for National needs.

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    Reus - Tarragona

    Region considered particularly favourable for the diverse grape varieties cultivation,
    as well as the city where our winery Mas de Valls is settled; with a productive capacity of 4.000L where we can find some treasures like barrels belonging to the foundation year, 1851, or barrels with 55.000L where we elaborate our wines Altar Wines.

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    El Molar-Priorat

    The most characteristic Denomintation of Origin in Spain and also the most important in Catalonia. Where it is hidden our winery Mas de Les Pusses, surrounded by 40 hectares of own vineyards. Priorat it is based on its peculiar terrace cultivation, its soil and the microclimate: making this area one of the most fascinating viticulture regions.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to build customer’s loyalty and satisfaction through our product based on the best value product; offering exceptional wines for all tastes and pockets while ensuring business relationships are based on our values.
    Our winery is known for its historical and family legacy, maintaining tradition together with the latest technology.
    Values such as honesty, transparency and respect our personnel make a competitive advantage for our development, both domestically and abroad.
    Teamwork is our reason for being. Motivation and development of our staff are part of our vocation in the service. Our commitment is based on quality and efficiency in order to satisfy our customers.

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    Our Vision

    Our vision it is focused on achieving stability and permanence in domestic and international markets ensuring consistency in the quality of our products, loyalty to our customers and maintaining our business ethics history and tradition over the years.

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    Our values

    Betting on an excellent quality in our processes of production and processing of all our products.
    Transparency and honesty
    Commitment and respect
    The compromise and the final satisfaction of our customers are fundamental to our entire team. In addition, the need to create a respect relation based in the loyalty and dedication between both.
    Keep our traditions together with our latest equipment technology, investing in the creation of new ideas and new processes, not forgetting our consistent quality year after year.
    Have a team motivational skills and development; promoting the personal, professional and economic growth of our entire team.

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