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Since ancient times, Tarragona as well as the Priorat county have held a heritage on great wines with character and uniqueness abroad.

De Muller performs its wines within the  Tarrgona D.O. and Priorat DOC in order to deliver quality wines which uniqueness is well valued around the world

A wine heritage of more than 150 years

At De Muller we know very well that the process for making this wine is an art which doesn’t understand hurries. Since 1851 we produce our wines patiently and passionately as we have make this profession our love along these years.

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Featured wines

Lo Cabaló

Priorat Lo Cabaló Reserva

Lo Cabaló

Vemut Iris Rojo

Lo Cabaló

Espumoso Muscat DO Tarragona

Our land. The mother of our wines

Mas de Valls

Finca de Vilallonga

Finca de la Secuita

Finca del Milà

Mas de les Pusses

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