Vermut Reserva

Aun authentic Vermouth that represents the elegance and heritage found in Reus city

The aromatic herbs and botanicals for this vermouth are infused with a part of the base wine in ancient wooden barrels that have previously aged wine, as a consequence, the beverage will be benefited with toasty and oaky sensations that will lead to an elegant and expressive resulting vermouth.

It is advised to taste it by itself just with a fe ice cubes to enjoy all of its organoleptic characteristics

Where it is made

Technical data


Subtle aromatics, that remind of sweet and oaky elements

Subtle aromatics, that remind of sweet and oaky elements

Sweet notes of dried and toasted fruits, as well as hints of coffee and cocoa with a balsamic end

Storage temperature 15°C - 20°C Best Served between 5°C - 10°C


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