Rubí Asoleado Solera 1904

Sweet wine of high controlled oxidation created in commemoration of the time when the Spanish King Alfonso XIII visited our facilities in April 1904.

This solera that is over 100 years old is a proof of the mediterranean character.
The wine is made in the “solera” system that combines equal parts of barrels from several ages in the same batch, being in this case 1904 the oldest portion that leads the solera in this oxidative process.

Where it is made

Technical data


70% Red Grenache, 30% White Grenache

Deep amber colour with orange reflections

Aromas of gooseberries ,cherries and dried cassis

Sweet wine of a silky texture that showcases a vibrant acidity that keeps it alive even after all those years

Storage temperature less than 25 °C. Best served between 14°C - 16°C

Digestive, pairs well with dark chocolate and hard cover cheeses

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