Rancio seco

An ancient winemaking mediterranean tradition that has been preserved over centuries.

Local grapes have been largely suitable for long aging in wooden vats used in this type of process, creating a slow controlled oxidation that will turn into complex aromas and flavours typical in this process.

A gradual oxidation in the wine due to ambient temperature exposure together with the age of the barrels and the climate conditions in the area result in a Rancio of great characteristics.

Where it is made

Technical data


40% White Grenache, 40% Red Grenache, 20% Carignan

Amber colour with gold reflections

Aromas of caramelized pineapple, honey, toffee and butter

Intense flavours of dates, candied fruits, almonds and a lingering aftertaste

Good as digestive, pairs well with dried fruits, nuts and almonds


Premios Vinari 2015

Premios Vinari 2015 – D.O. Tarragona

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